Getting ready

We’ve started getting things in order for our first trip to Ghana. Once you get a referral, you could be expected in Ghana in as little as two weeks or as long as 3 months later for the court date. If you know me (and Chris for that matter), I already have my to-do and packing lists ready and I’m checking things off!

We got our travel vaccinations last Thursday. Not too terribly bad on the pain aspect, although I do still have a huge pink welt on my arm from the yellow fever shot, but terribly painful on the wallet! $390 for Hep A and yellow fever with a consultations from the doctor (which was not optional). And, that is before filling our prescriptions for malaria meds. and some other thing. Ouch! I cannot believe that health insurance will NOT cover the vaccination, but they will cover the treatment if we come down with any of this.

We also purchased 2 recordable story books for a our little person. It is going to be so hard to leave after court without them so, I wanted them to at least have a way to hear our voices on a regular basis to help them transition better. Chris and I alternated reading each page.

I may have gone a bit crazy getting things for the other children, but the Dollar Tree was just too awesome.

We still greatly need children’s clothes to take over so, if you have some lying around, I would be happy to take them off your hands and give them to children who will really appreciate them!

Our fundraiser is moving along slowly. You can get up-to-date progress here. We’ve brought in $520 which is great, but we’ve only had 7 donations. So, very generous donations, but I’m kind of disappointed at how few of our family and friends have opened their hearts and wallets. It’s kind of the idea of voting. You know, people think their one vote won’t matter, but with numerous people feeling that way, their votes could matter. Same here. $10 may not be a big deal to you and have you thinking it won’t make a difference, but if everyone gives $10, these children will have a home.



  1. Wonderful, wonderful. I better speed up my sewing those little dresses. Have completed one and cut out two more but have had the stinking flu for a week. I'll hurry.

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