Do you see what I see?

Right there, in the middle of the massive stack of mail that I found in the mailbox after not visiting it since maybe Thursday….

Yep! It is our 171!!! This is the notice that says that the government thinks we would be OK parents.

We wanted our approval to be broad since… well, I don’t know.. we just kind of said, maybe we should get approved for 2 “just in case”. I’m not exactly sure what moved us to do it, but I’m glad that we did. This way, we have the option to adopt 2 children if they are siblings in order to keep them together.

It makes me wonder if years from now we’ll look back on the day we made that decision and see God’s work at play.



  1. Yay! Yippppeee! Yahoooo! Congrats! Very exciting… and who knows what putting 2 on there would bring. It brought us two cute little Russian's almost 5 years ago.

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