Counting our blessings

There have been many twists and turns to our adoption. We started with an agency working in Ethiopia. The agency was great and we got connected with other parents that were in-process. One of these mothers and I got to talking quite a bit via email as we were RIGHT at the same point in the process. We were neck and neck wondering who would get their dossier done first and get on the wait list ahead of the other.

God had other plans for us and before we completed our paperwork a few twists took us to Ghana. It was a scary leap at that time. There weren’t many people adopting from Ghana and everyone said you had to be a “pioneer” to do it. I still have no idea why we did it other than to say it had to have been a “God thing”. Just a couple weeks after our decision, things got rocky for adoptions in Ethiopia. Adoptions continued and actually, I was just thinking the other day of those families who received their referrals after us, but because they are in Ethiopia, might bring their kids home at the same time we bring Kwasi home.

Today, I am really counting our blessings. Yes, it has been a long process to bring Kwasi home, but I feel like we are near the end. Today, my heart hurts for the other family that we were in-process with. When they received their referral for a sweet baby boy recently, it had me thinking.. that MIGHT have been our son had we stayed with the program. If we had gotten our paperwork in just day before them, he would have been our referral. Then again, they might have been 1st and received his referral and we would be getting our referral shortly after and likely traveling with this family. Today.. oh, there just aren’t words to say how I hurt for them.

The Ethiopian governments just closed 15 orphanages. Depending on where the children were in the process, families can either proceed or the child has been taken from the home and their future is uncertain other than that they will not be moving forward with their current adoption plans. This family is one that was not far enough along. After waiting for their referral and falling in love with his photos, they have been told that they will not be bringing him home and will go back on the wait list.

So, today, I’m counting my blessing. I don’t know why God steered us the way he did, but I know more than ever that Kwasi has been part of His plan all along. There is nothing random or coincidental about the process. There is no “what could have been” as it simply never could have been. We have been spared the enormous pain that these families are going through right now and for that I’m grateful. Please keep these families and children in your prayers.



  1. Sending up prayers for them. God always gives us interesting challenges in life and later we always see the purpose of them! I've felt the same way with how we ended up in Bulgaria and Russia. We didn't really plan to start at those places. Our children were there and God lead us to them!

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