It’s real

I did it. I booked our tickets. We are going to pick up our son and bring him home. It’s crazy.

We leave in less than 2 weeks – September 8th at the crack of dawn. We will barely be there since we arrive the 9th at noon and leave again on the 11th at 10pm, but that’s how it worked out with airline prices and our family schedule.

We’ll arrive home Monday at 11 am. Chris leaves us Wednesday at 8am for a business trip returning Sunday night!! Esinam leaves us Thursday and Friday for a field trip-thing.

Not an ideal first week for Kwasi to get adjusted, but it will have to do. At least Carter and I will be with him 24/7 to start to bond. After the craziness of the 1st week home, things should get on track with our “new normal”.

Since it will be a bit crazy the first week, we are going to keep to ourselves without visitors to lessen the confusion for Kwasi. We don’t want a lot of coming and goings to get him wondering who is permanent and who isn’t. If you are just DYING to meet him (you know you are), you are welcome to meet us at the airport when we arrive and welcome him as we wait for our bags and chit chat a bit. Details to follow.

I can’t believe I’m going to have him here to hugs and squeeze any time I want forever (or at least 17 years).



  1. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Tears of joy for you and the little guy! Maybe with the short trip you won't have to deal with jet lag 😉 We will keep sending up prayers for a smooth transition. The hardest part for me has always been the trip home and then the couple months after! I usually forget about the later until it shows up. The plane ride home is usually memorable, the couple months being home is sort of like trying to forget prenancy pains :p I'm doing the happy dance for you all today!

  2. So excited for you guys!! Can't wait to meet hime.

  3. It will be great "bonding" time for the three of you. Lots of play time, snacking, watching a little bit of Mickey, and book reading at the quiet times. All of this "AT LAST". All memorable moments.

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