Are we Ghana or not?

This weekend has been torture for me. We decided Thursday night that we would move forward with adopting Little Miss, but we had a ton of questions. No problem, I would just talk with the agency the next morning. Turns out, that would be a problem.

Everyone was either too busy with meetings or out of the office so, I was asked to email my questions to the director and he will call me on Monday. Not a big deal until I tried to get “basic” information from the agency receptionist.

I asked how many adoptions from Ghana they had completed.
None. It’s a pretty new program.

How long has the program been around?
About a year.

And no one has even gotten to go to court?
No, but they started at the beginning and had to do their homestudy, I-600A, etc.

So… a little bit of panic set in. I had already scoured the internet for information and knew that Ghana is fairly new to international adoptions. I think they highest number of adoptions from Ghana to the US in a year has been like 130. total. Ethiopia does like 11,000. So, I knew this, but for some reason I thought this would be different. We have already found our daughter and our dossier (our massive stack of paperwork) is basically done so – court date please. I guess not.

If you know me, you know I’ve been stressing all weekend. Is this our daughter or not? Can I get attached or not? Too late.

I’m going to talk with the director tomorrow and we will make our final decision. We will either pursue becoming the parents to the cutest little miss you ever did see, or we will stay our path to Ethiopia and anticipate at least 4 months of waiting once our dossier is complete.

God, we could use another sign please.


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