The fart machine

Papa has a fun little toy at the lake house. A toy that the boys think is HILARIOUS! It’s a … well.. it’s a.. fart machine.


Yes. It is exactly what it sounds like. It has a remote and makes horrible noises from a distance. The boys cannot get enough of it and the adults actually encourage it. Last weekend they sent Carter out with the machine in a paper bag. He ever so sneakily placed the bag by his uncle and cousins (telling them NOT to look in the bag) and hid behind a nearby car. Of course the guys knew right away what was going on, but they were such good sports.

fart machine 2


fart machine


I think the funniest part was when he came running out with the remote telling them, “Guys! Guys! It was this machine! It wasn’t a real fart, it was this machine!” all the while laughing.


Oh, this house of boys. Seriously, do little girls think farts are as entertaining as my pack of boys?



  1. So funny…the grown up men in our family would love this, wherever did this come from? May I say I love your blog about your sweet boys. You are so candid and a breath of fresh air!! Never commented on the post where Coen wrote the lovely paper on all you do for him…but I LOVED it!! I remember my now grad school son writing on his school letter to Santa that all he wanted for Christmas was a tornado in our area of So. Cali. They published it in the local paper and I was so embarrassed. He was 8 years old and really into meteorology at the time. Now, I miss those years, they went by so dang fast!

    • Thanks, Sue. When you have boys, you just have to tell it how it is. If I don’t document this “boy” stuff, I’ll never have proof that it happened later when I’m telling them about all they have put me through 🙂

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