If you’re thrown by the post title, you might be in better shape than me. C25K stands for couch to 5k. There are many training programs and apps for your iPhone as well, to help you seriously go from  yes, the couch, to running a 5k.


When I had Carter almost 4 years ago (wow. really? 4 years?!) the recovery from my C-section was horrible, worse than the 24 hours of labor, horrible. Then, of course, there is the getting used to having a tiny human whose entire being depends on you. I have roughly 53 other excuses I could give for not losing the baby weight, but I think you get the picture. While the scale said that I had about 20 extra pounds, I felt good about myself. I “fit” back into my normal clothes within 6 weeks. Sure, they didn’t fit the same as before and I was uncomfortable, but I could button the jeans. I did eventually lose the weight, but I didn’t even attempt it until Carter was 8 or 9 months old. As soon as I did, I wondered what the heck I was thinking before. Carrying around that extra weight was exhausting. I had blamed it on being a new mom, but in reality, my lack of energy was due to the extra baggage.


As I neared the end of my pregnancy with Keaton, I decided that I wouldn’t be waiting so long. It’s not about how my jeans look, it’s about my energy level. I jumped back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon 4 weeks ago and have lost a little over 6 pounds. About a pound a week. The healthy way to lose. I know. But I want this weight gone now. So, I made a big decision. I’m actually going to work out. Eeek!


In high school I was very active in sports and enjoyed it. It’s not that I don’t like to work out, it’s about all the other things I HAVE to get done that I think about while I’m working out. While others relieve stress while working out, I stress myself out. I think about the laundry, unloading the dishwasher, that return that needs to go to Target, etc. Enter C25K. The program on my iPhone gives me a goal to work towards. I have to following the program 3 x week. You start off slow with 1 minute of running and 1 1/2 minutes of walking, alternating for 3 minutes. So far it has taken my mind off of the other things. Now I’m thinking: 30 more seconds until I run again.

I realize heading into fall is not the ideal time to start running. We live in the Pacific NW after all, but I’m committed. I have to be if I’m sharing it here. We purchased a used Bob Revolution on good ol’ Craigs and I’m joining Firstenburg where Keaton and I can train on an indoor track. I’ve even factored in my big boys. I run while Carter is at school and Coen gets to play in the child watch area (he thinks it’s awesome.). So far Keaton has slept during my runs, incentive enough to go for a run!


So, wish me luck.



I wrote this post on October 17th. For whatever reason, I didn’t post it. I think I wanted to get a picture of myself to post with it. Didn’t happen so I figured I’d better just post it already! At this point, I have completed 3 weeks worth of runs and 1 run in week 4. That means I am now running 2 x 3 minutes and 2 x 5 minutes with 1 1/2 minutes of walking in between. Each week I think that I’m not going to be able to handle the new longer run and each week I handle it fine. By the 3rd run of the week, I’ve mastered that “long” run! I’m excited to continue on and see myself running a full half hour in the next few weeks.

Weight Watchers is still going strong and now I have Grandma as my weight-loss buddy. It’s great having someone to talk points with! Since seriously starting September 16th, I’ve lost 9.2lbs (7 weeks). Since coming home from the hospital, I’ve lost 17.2. Man, if only all the weight could come off on its own like the first 8lbs in the first 2 weeks! 10 more pounds until I’m back to my “normal” weight which I think is actually less than I started my pregnancy at thanks to not losing my baby weight from Coen 🙂


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