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Part of what I love about my blog class (see the side bar for more info on this awesome class) is that I’m part of a Facebook group with others who are in the class. It is a great place to ask questions and get support from others who are in the blog world. With so much going on at our place right now, I thought it would be fun to share what some of my classmates are up to. Asia recently had a post that I HAD to share. Oh, I wish I had time to do this for this year, but it looks like it will be put on my to do list for 2014.


From Asia at It’s an Organized Chaos

First, let me start by telling you this is NOT a blog about organizing, it’s actually quite the opposite. This blog is about my life, and how no matter how hard I try to keep it in order with five kids, yes I said FIVE KIDS, something always happens which leads to someone having a melt down {parental meltdowns are included}. This blog is about our life, we try to keep things in order and we fail miserably, we always have chaos. Stop by and say “hi” some time!

I saw this in a Pottery Barn Kids magazine last year.


and thought again…I can make this…and I did, they’re awesome!

I made one for each child, and  from February 1st until Valentines day we drop cards into each child’s envelope.

They also leave notes to each other.

This year I needed to make one for Jasper, and I thought you might like to make one yourself.



:: 3 pieces of White felt

:: 1 piece of Red felt

:: 2 pieces of Red yarn

:: Red embroidery thread

:: embroidery needle

:: hot glue

:: iron on letter

Step 1.


Stich around one white felt sheet with red thread

Step 2:


Cut a strip of white felt in a fancy pattern like this { its this lenth}

and than stitch with red thread

step 3 & 4


Hot glue the sides and bottom of last piece of white felt and attach sheet that has been stitched

Attached large piece of stitch white felt on top {make sure your top is left open}

Step 5 & 6:


Cut red felt sheet in half than fold in half


Cut a heart out of the red felt around 4 inches

Step 7:


Iron on your letter

Step 8:


Attach red yarn to the back on each side

Step 9:


Tie to the back of your kitchen table chair



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