A mouse in a sea of cookies

You’ve heard me say it before, if you give a mouse a cookie.. well.. I’m a mouse and this house is full of cookies.


I know. I told you I would complete the bathroom and give you the final reveal. I also promised part 2 of the playroom reveal. You should know by now, I don’t complete projects. I get REALLY close and then a new flavor of cookie pops up. I will complete those projects, but I just had to jump on this one.

Here is how it went down:


I got new-to-me dining room chairs so I updated the living room. Stay with me. I found these chairs on Craigslist. 6 of them with slipcovers and I paid $180 (they are currently listed at $150 per chair and another $69 per slipcover for a total of $1498 which includes taxes and ridiculous shipping costs). Crazy good deal, right?

Even better, when I went to get them from the guy’s storage unit, he had a unit full of other stuff including 2 white slipcovered Ethan Allen couches. We currently had a white slipcovered sectional from craigslist, but not just from craigslist, from IKEA. IKEA is fine and dandy, but used Ikea.. well, you have to be very selective with used IKEA furniture. It is not meant to hold up forever like Ethan Allen. Ours had not held up at all. So, I listed ours on craigsist for $300 ($20 more than I paid) and sold it. I then purchased his nicer Ethan Allen couches for $400. For $100 I completely upgraded my living room. They are so comfy and so much nicer!



Quick reminder, this is what the room look like when we bought it:


With that, I had my cookie. I couldn’t leave these great couches in a neon yellow room. And if I painted the room, I would need to hang new curtain rods and curtains. I mean, look at this rod holder.


At least the view out is nice.


And, I better just replace those wall sconces.


I sent the boys away for the night and with the bribe of food and cocktails, I enlisted some of my best girlfriends to help put the plan into action. Words cannot express how much I appreciate these ladies!  Ahhh… so much better. Now, we just need to replace all the trim, extend the laminate wood floor into that room, put something amazing over the mantle, fill in the bookcases, and cover the popcorn ceiling with wood planks to complete our farmhouse look. No promises on when the rest will get done, but for now, I can sleep a little better.

white slipcovered couch farmhouse www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com


white slipcovered couch farmhouse 1 www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com

white room farmhouse 2 www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com

white room farmhouse www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com


Wall color is Dover White by Sherwin Williams and only took 1 coat to cover the bright yellow!

I scored the curtain rods and rings from Kohl’s at a buy one, get one for $1 sale plus 20% off

The curtains are IKEA and were $24.99 per pair

Wall lights were from Home Depot and cost $19.99 each

Total room budget thus far: $398 (including the couches for $400 – $300 from sale of current couch = $100)

renovation white slipcovered couch farmhouse www.tuckinginsuperheroes.com


I’m sharing this project over at Not Just a Housewife



  1. Your living room looks fabulous!! I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your white and also your plaid slipcovers for the wingchairs? Thanks!

    • Thanks, Linda. The slipcovers came with the couches and are Ethan Allen. The wingback chairs were handed down from my mom. She had the slipcovers custom made – I think she just found someone on Craigslist.

      • I have had white towels in my kids bathroom forever. I love that I can use bleach on them and they look good as new every time….same with the slipcovers I imagine!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous ! I am glad for you–mama of three boys–that they are slipcovered 😉

  3. Debbie V. says:

    Everything looks great and what wonderful luck you have in finding your bargains! I’m a faithful reader of your mom’s blog and am enjoying reading about your family and all of your updates to your new home. I’m looking forward to more updates!

  4. Your room re-do looks fantastic. I love it! I just love Craigslist. I moved across country a couple of years ago and sold nearly every piece of furniture I owned and replaced most of it with Craigslist. You got an awesome deal on those couches! Good job!! (*and I can totally relate to the mouse and the cookie thing!)

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