The grass is always greener

Sometimes I think about different arguments and jealousies that we might encounter with four boys over the years. Someone will be better at a sport. Someone will do better in a school subject. And, of course, someone will be the chosen guy by the pretty girl (Lord help us on that one).

Never did I think about hair. At 4 and 5, both boys wish they had each others hair and even better would be to have Keaton’s hair. Carter can spike his up which is way cool to Coen. Coen has uniqueness and can buzz it into different designs. Keaton can do a faux hawk.

I love that they love each others hair. It’s not one-sided. Still, Coen’s hair is whatever haircut he has at the time. No fun spiking… Until today when we tried quick coils.

The smile on his face when I pulled out new creams for his hair and a cool sponge was unbeatable.  I wish the photos were better but trust me, it looks very cool in person and he loves it!!





  1. I love it, and I LOVE that HE loves it! Toooo cute!
    Gramma Cupcake

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