Easy, mess-free, cupcakes

I had to share this although I’m sure most of you will be like “duh, I already do that”. For me it was an ah-ha moment..


A while back I came across the Tovolo Pancake Pen at a store. Now, on almost any other day, I would have walked right by not wanting to waste money on a tool for drawing pancakes, but on this particular day, I was feeling guilty. I justified the purchase thinking “I’m not a fun mom. The very LEAST I could do is make some fun pancakes for my little men every once in a while.”

Since that day, it has been used once for pancakes. It really is awesome! You can draw easily, write names, whatever. My problem is finding time to make pancakes when Littlest Man insists on being held 23/7.

Fast forward to today.

I decided to make cupcakes for Coen’s birthday. Mixing the ingredients is easy enough, but I can almost never manage to keep the batter in the cups all nice and neat. I wanted pretty cupcakes this time, darn it! So, I turned to my pancake pen. WHY DID I NOT DO THIS SOONER?!

Perfect cupcakes!



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