Off the couch and on to 5k!

I did it! I ran my first 5k today at The Resolution Run in Battleground!


*Note: I’m waving to the boys. I don’t run with my arms like that 🙂  

I still can’t believe it.

About 3 months ago I watched another mom run a race when her baby was *just* 6 months old. I was in awe! I kept thinking that was just crazy. Then, today, with my 4 month old smiling away, I ran the entire 5k.

I realize this is nothing to many people, but for those moms with 3 kids under 4, I think you know this was big for me. It was even bigger since I wasn’t a runner prior to 3 months ago – like, if you see me running call the cops type of no runner.

I did’t win the race, but I ran the entire way which was my first win. My second win was seeing that I ran a faster pace than I ever have before, cutting my pace by about a minute per mile. At the finish line my four guys were cheering me on and getting ready for the boys to run their own 1k. I think the stress that I wouldn’t finish before they started was just enough to quicken my pace!

We all had such a fun time and it was great to do something like this as a family. Too often we skip an event or divide to conquer since just getting everyone ready and out the door can be a challenge. Seeing how excited the boys were about running is something I want to encourage. Don’t be surprised if you see us at a run near you!



The boys were showing off their numbers!




The boys and I finishing their 1K! I had to hold their hands and cheer them on pretty much the entire run as the excitement ran out after about 100 ft.  




  1. Mud run 2013!!!

  2. WOW – Great family outing. Looking good boys. Will you be practicing with your mom at the gym for the next run?

  3. Congrats Heather! Running isn’t sometimes as easy as everyone thinks. So Great Job doing a 5k run!

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