Keaton Update

One day (soon, I hope) I’ll be back to blogging regularly. For now, I’ll just have to play catch up. Here’s the latest on Little K Man:

Auntie got this special shirt for Keaton.


Yep, I still have the other two as you can tell by the noise in the background.

Pretty much the only photo taken of me with Keaton since leaving the hospital. Poor quality, yes, but when you’re the one always behind the camera, you take what you can get. Now you all know that I really do exist.

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  1. Grandma J says:

    His eyes look so brown in this video! I know they couldn’t have changed since yesterday when I saw him with those big blue, blue eyes! He is such a little doll!

  2. Oh my goodness. He’s turning into quite a little actor. So loveable and squeezeable.

  3. What a darling, I just love him.

  4. Linda Vandenberg says:

    What a cutie pie…your mom is 1 lucky grandma…don’t worry about blogging…you have 3 precious boys that need you more then us…take care and don’t forget to rest!

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