GREAT news!!!

I just got a call from the FBI. Normally, a person would not consider this a great thing, but today, today it was truly GREAT!  Sweet, kind, nice Diana called to let me now that they will be expediting our fingerprint requests thanks to Patty Murray, our senator, making the request.

Diana thought we didn’t have a tracking number so, she was going to ask me to redo the prints and FedEx them straight to her, but I DID have a tracking number. So, we are now in what she called “search and rescue” which means that she will send our information to a person who handles congressional requests and will use our tracking number to locate our file and get the prints processed!

Just as we thought, the process itself doesn’t take long, but they are so backlogged that they have 8-10 weeks of mail waiting in line to be processed. So, now they can get our file out of the line and take it to the front!

I’m just so excited that the end of this wait is in sight! Depending on when we actually get the results back (and you know I sent a prepaid overnight UPS return envelope), we just cut the wait by 3-6 weeks.

Did you just hear my huge sigh of relief?

Wow. I need to go back through our paperwork AGAIN to make sure the day we get the finalized hardcopy home study with the fingerprints, the next batch of paperwork goes in the mail!



  1. Yippeeee!!! Way to think outside the box on speeding up the process 🙂 God is good!

  2. DOUBLE that Yippeeeeeee! from me too!
    Gramma Cupcake

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