New photo!!

Thank goodness for other adoptive parents and agency coordinators who travel to Ghana! We just got this photo of our sweet little man from one who cared enough to take the time and snap a picture and send it along. We have been so blessed that they have been able to see and take pictures of Coen since he lives in another village than the other children.


We showed this photo to Carter and he had a big smile for “kiki”. When I closed the window, he said, “kiki piture mommy.” So, we looked at it again 🙂 I asked who Kiki’s mommy is and Carter half-laughed liked it was a silly question and said, “mommy” and pointed to me. I asked who his daddy is and Carter pointed to Chris and said “kiki daddy.” I’m so happy that he gets it. This IS his brother and he is so ready for him to be here.



  1. Such a sweet boy:)

  2. I mean Carter and Coen:)

  3. This made me cry. I can't wait until he is REALLY here.
    Carter is going to be a wonderful big brother!
    Gramma Cupcake

  4. Pretty cute picture, looks like the little guy is harboring some hurt, he needs his new mama to love on him and make it better!! Carter sounds like such a sweet little guy 🙂 Safe travels and bring back some happy news!

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