Elf on the shelf update

I had to share Carter’s response to Honah’s shenanigans the other day with Halloween candy..


I was feeding Keaton in the living room when Carter came down. He saw the candy wrappers, bent down to inspect them and then said, “Mom. I didn’t do it, but there are candy wrappers on the ground and I didn’t do it. Coen didn’t do it. Did you or Daddy do it?” I jumped up and inspected the situation and found Honah’s note. I read it aloud to Carter and his response to Honah eating his candy and not throwing away the trash was this:

“Honah, there is a trash in the bathroom. That is where I put my trash from my snacks so next time you can put your trash there, ok?”


I love this kid. He had no problem with Honah eating his candy. He didn’t scold him for the mess. He just gave some friendly advice to help out little houseguest in the future.



  1. Biggest heart ever for a 4 year old. Love him this much —————————————–.

  2. That is so sweet, love those little guys

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