What a difference a year makes. . or doesn’t

We have officially lived in our house for 1 year. It seems crazy. I feel like I can no longer use the excuse “we just moved here” to explain away all of its imperfections. My mom assures me that no one else sees them the way that I do and she might be right. Afterall, I am in the house looking at them at least half of everyday.

That said, I started thinking about what the heck we did with this past year and the line items started to added up.

Removed popcorn ceiling and textured
Painted the whole room*
Installed new carpet
Installed and textured ceiling again and reinstalled carpet and repainted the whole room after the flood
Built and installed barn baby gate*

Dining room
Installed new floors
Replaced baseboards and door trim*

Living room
Installed new floors
Replaced brass lights*
Replaced baseboards and door trim*

Downstairs bathroom
Removed wallpaper*
Replaced Window trim*
Retextured and painted the walls
Painted countertop*
Replaced hardware on vanity*
Replaced sink*
Replaced faucet*
Removed and replaced tile backsplash*
Installed new tile floor
Fixed shower issue*

Upstairs hall/master bedroom
Replaced hall carpet with new flooring
Replaced brass light fixtures*
Replaced baseboards and door trim*

2 Boys’ rooms
New light fixtures*
New window treatments*

Converted back to a bedroom from a closet*
Added planked wall and seating area*
New light fixture and dimmer switch*
Bought and built all new furniture*

Laundry room
New flooring
Removed cabinets*
Moved dryer across the room

Guest room
Added a shelf*

Furnace room
Replaced nasty carpet with tile*
Replaced baseboards*

Removed all front landscaping*
Repainted car port area*
New electrical panel in garage
Whole new heating system
Insulation installed under the house
Exterior drainage system installed
Installed WiFi thermostat*
Installed WIFI door lock*

WAAAAYYY too many hours on yard work to count.

Starting installation of landscaping Tuesday!!!

Oh yeah, and we created a new life. Ok. I think I’ll cut myself a little more slack. We really did accomplish quite a bit with 3 boys 4 and under and 4, 5 and under for the past 6 weeks. But, if you are ever wondering why my blog is being neglected, just figure I’m with my boys and/or working on a home project.


* indicates that we did the work ourselves.



  1. Wow!! That IS quite a list of accomplishments!!!!!!!
    Gramma Cupcake

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