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I keep thinking I am going to get into a routine of posting regularly, but I’ve decided to face the truth. I’m addicted to decorating and renovating our house and the blog comes 2nd. That said, I AM taking tons of photos of each room and project and will slowly but surely share with you all here.


With that in mind, I have to share one of our new home’s best features, its HUGE yard.

big backyard


Talk about overwhelming.

Our side yard is 3 times the size of our last yard. Our side yard.

Our backyard.. again. overwhelming.

I feel like we in no way deserve such a beautiful yard. Every day I am surprised by a new flower blooming or a pop of color on a tree. The previous owner clearly had a green thumb and wasn’t afraid to use it. I can’t even count the number of different plants and flowers. She managed to give the property a very natural feeling while also adding touches of formality and grooming.

Then she stopped and it became overgrown and we are slowing working to get it back to its heyday glory, but its beauty still amazes me!


We have 8 raised planter beds and Chris already has vegetables growing. Having grown up in Nevada myself, this is a foreign concept for me. Plant a seed and it will actually grow? Right. But in the northwest, seeds DO actually grow into edible food. Crazy. And, the neighbors have pigs, chickens and buffalo. It turns out that eggs and meat don’t come from the store.

The other great thing about the yard is that it is completely fenced. We have about 5 acres, but the front 1 1/2 – 2 are fenced, creating a definite boundary which is easy for the boys to understand. When they start running through the house, I can just open the door, tell them to get out and know that they will be kept busy exploring safely outside.


Everyone on our street waves hello as we pass each other and we take turns pulling to the side on our narrow private road to let each other pass. The mail lady came by and hand delivered the mail the other day just to introduce herself. We have moved to the country and I have to tell you, it’s incredible.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m bragging. I can’t take any create for how awesome this place is. We just moved in. I’m just hoping to give you a glimpse of the new place, give props to the previous owner and her vision, and give you an idea of why I have been so absent lately. There is much to do around here!



  1. Everything looks beautiful, I can hardly wait to see everything. I know the boys will be so healthy and happy with so much room to roam and to b outside so much.

  2. Congratulations!!! Gamma Joan has told me your place is already amazing with the neat ideas you are incorporating into your home!! Enjoy!

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