Big changes coming

Duh. Of course big changes are coming. We know what changes are coming and are excited/freaked out. Kwasi however, doesn’t know. At nineteen months, he likely doesn’t even know that he is being adopted, that soon he will leave his home and come live with us.

Having Esinam with us the past two weeks has made us realize even more, just how much will be changing around him.

Example: Today Esinam saw a baseball mitt and asked what it was. A baseball mitt. At 17 she did not know what a baseball mitt is. Everything she sees and touches is new for her. It’s exciting for a young girl experiencing the world, but for an almost 2 year old… how can it be anything other than terrifying? Everywhere he looks, he will see something that his young eyes have never seen before. Even the floor that he will walk on will be foreign to him – he has never seen hardwood flooring, an electric stove, a garage. Can you imagine hearing a vacuum for the first time in your life – or mommy using the hair dryer – the clothes dryer?!

Just a week and a half until we go get our son and bring him home forever. I hope that we are able to provide the comfort and safe feeling that he will need during this transition.



  1. You guys will be AWESOME.
    Gramma Cupcake

  2. A hug will take away the temporary scare of a vacuum. He'll probably want to play with it. He'll do just fine as he'll feel safe, secure and much loved in a short time.

  3. I's so good that you are aware of this, I've met several adopted parents that didn't have a clue and the poor child had to suffer so much because of it. I'm sure you will do a good job! Prayer works wonders, it will take the little guy a few months but eventually he will settle in and come to know what a mommy dadddy, brother and home are and what they mean 🙂

  4. You will do great, and even if you fail at times, God will be giving you ALL grace, peace and comfort

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