Big day

I’m going to try my hardest to put today into words, but to do so, I have to tell you some back story.

So, one of Chris’ cousins spent some life-changing time in Ghana this summer volunteering at an orphanage. It was at the same time that we decided to adopt from Ethiopia. When she returned, she had all sorts of photos and stories to share. She became pretty attached to two of the children in particular. A little boy and girl sibling group. After a lot of consideration, her parents felt compelled to try to bring the two home to live with them.

Here is where I enter the story.

I got to talking with Chris’ aunt and suggested that they should get in touch with the agency doing our home study as they work with Ghana. There are actually very few agencies that work with Ghana as international adoption is not as common there. Time went by and we moved forward with our adoption process.

Now, we can get to today.

I got an email from Chris’ aunt today that was a reply from the agency. They might be able to assist them in the hopes of adopting the sibling group, but just in case, he included 4 photos. 2 each of 2 perfect little people. A little girl (12 months) and a little boy (2 1/2).

I can’t explain it, but I was immediately pulled to the little girl. The little boy was adorable as well. I called the director and after about 1/2 hour, was overwhelmed with the desire to try to adopt them. Unfortunately, they were not biological siblings and it is difficult to adopt non-related children so, my focus shifted to the little girl alone. I called Chris and spilled my guts and asked him to come home as earlier as he could.

He managed to make it home before 5 which is HUGE!!! We talked about it further and both felt that this must be God pulling us this direction. What are the odds that the person I referred his aunt to would recommend a child so perfect for us at this point in the process? We are far enough in to be moving forward, but not too far to have to backtrack much. We decided to move forward in hopes of adopting from Ghana. There is a lot to work out, but there are actually fewer steps in adopting from Ghana, it is just a little less stable process. So… pros and cons..

Cross your fingers and send some prayers that whatever God has planned for our family will be realized.


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