An original name

I know that there is no such thing as an original idea, but we really thought that Coen was fairly unique. When we’ve told people that our son’s name is Coen, they seem as if they haven’t heard the name and ask how it will be spelled. Some say, “oh, like the Coen brothers!” but otherwise, not much recognition.

We kind of got the same response with Carter’s name. About 2 weeks after he was born however, we were out and saw a mother yell to her 4 year old “Carter, time to go!”. Hmpf. Not too unique. Since then even more Carters have popped up.

So, today at church, we were looking around the Sunday school room which is also a preschool and we’re pretty bummed when we saw “Koen” on a cubby. I wonder how many Koen, Coen, Cohen, Cowan, Cowens, we’ll come across.

Out of curiosity, I googled “Coen Roberts”. I only found one, he’s in the Netherlands. With a last name like Roberts, I don’t know why I thought any name we choose wouldn’t already belong to someone else. You can imagine how many Heather Roberts there are.. In fact, in kindergarden, I had a friend named Heather Roberts.

Hmm.. How about using his middle name, Kwasi? Can you believe there were more Kwasi Roberts than Coen Roberts?! I found at least 3 on Facebook alone.

At least he will be the only Coen Kwasi Roberts in our household. 🙂



  1. We'll all do just fine with Coen's name. Am so looking forward to meeting this sweet little guy.

  2. Coen is a wonderful, masculine name. No matter what you decided to name him, he is the luckiest little boy to have your family as his.

    For the record, when my daughter was born almost 20 years ago we had trouble coming up with a name for her. We finally decided on Devon Renee. It was such a unique name…at least it was back then. Now there are Devan's – Devin's – Devon's everywhere. Ah well…

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