We can finally share all the details about our little man, Coen Kwasi Roberts. He just turned 1 on January 31st.

You can see photos and video of him from my recent trip below!



  1. Wonderful. Not a dry eye in this home. He's so cute. Can't wait to meet him.

  2. YAY! How you had patience to wait to share that I don't know!!! HE IS SOOO CUTE! Congrats mom and dad! Do you still have to wait 3 months? What is the age difference between Coen and Carter? They will be best little buds I'm sure!

  3. Oh my gosh! I just realized Coen and Faith share the same birthday! How funny is that?

  4. How fun CeAnne! Carter and Coen are just 13 months apart. I'm so excited for them to have a brother so close in age!

  5. This is so amazing. Congratulations!

  6. He is adorable! Congratulations!! Our entire family enjoyed the video for other reasons as well;)

  7. I'm so excited for you all! I'm having trouble viewing the video from this hotel (work travel) -but so excited! this is wonderful for you guys. what a blessing

  8. finally got it to work – he's absolutely handsome – perfect for your family! You both looked like the perfect mother and son!

  9. Touching video and beautiful little boy. Hope your adoption process goes well and he his home with you soon.
    Brenda Thompson (CeAnne's Mom)

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