A bit frustrated

It started with the home study which went fine and our social worker actually got her part done the very same day. This excitement was damped when I confirmed that we do have to wait for the national fingerprinting while almost everyone else gets to just do a state clearance which takes 1-2 weeks. I called the FBI to check the status and was told that instead of the 8-10 long weeks we had planned, it is now 12 weeks. So, the soonest we would get our results will be the first week of December.

I was fine with the waiting that we would have to do in this adoption process, but I’m not OK with THIS waiting. It just isn’t fair that because of the agency doing our home study in Washington has decided they want the national clearance, we are being punished with an additional 2 months more than anyone else would be waiting.  Other agencies in Washington have confirmed that they would only do the state clearance for the home study. Even worse, the USCIS fees goes up by about $150 for us November 23rd so, we can look forward to paying that increase now too.

I get nauseous just thinking about it.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I recently had Chris mail a package of documents to our agency in Michigan to have them review prior to our filing. Of course, I used FedEx. I wanted to be sure it could be tracked since it has duplicated of very important personal information (birth certificates, marriage certificate, social security, you name it, it was in there). I got online to track the package today and it shows that it has not shipped. I call Chris and he confirms that it was sent.

I call FedEx and the guy says: “it looks like you haven’t sent it yet.”

Me: “Ummm. yeah.. that’s why I’m calling you freaking out right now.”

Longer story shorter, they did find my package about 20 minutes later. It was delivered and FedEx just decided to give it a completely random new tracking number. I started to ask the lady on the phone how to avoid this in the future, but stopped myself. I’ll avoid it by NOT using FedEx.

I’m calming down a bit now. I just have this vision of God up in the clouds with puppet strings laughing his head off.  I’m sure he’s thinking “At some point, all my lessons for her will pay off and this one will finally learn to have some patience and a bit more faith.”

Not funny, God.


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