Who wore it better?

The dresses provided by Little Dresses for Africa were a huge success! So many little girls benefited in the foster home, but also in remote villages.

I think we’ll have to call this one a tie between Annabell and Nadia sporting their red dresses. These two are even cuter in-person!

Sorry Carter. I think Nadia may have you beat sweetie.



  1. l.o.v.e.

  2. So adorable:)

  3. WAY too cute all the way around… even on Carter! I'm sending you a box of dresses, should be there soon. I'll work on finishing the ones I have before your next trip. I needed some motivation any how 🙂

  4. What can I say but those little ladies are just so sweet with their dresses. Now Mr C will know why he had to model a dress for his future sister (?).

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