What is IN these suitcases?!

***Pics to come

I had a great lunch today with some awesome people! In addition to the monetary donations that some very generous friends and family made, Christina and Sommer went out of their way to purchase a TON of school supplies AND bags for me to take them to Ghana in!!!!! After dropping Esinam at soccer try-outs, Carter and I got to work counting and sorting supplies and packing them up for easy distribution once in Ghana.

Here is what is in the bags so far:

Flip flops: 47 pair

Spiral notebooks: 130

Pens: 330

Pencils: 220

Erasers: 4

Erasers for the tops of pencils: 470

Rulers: 46

Colored pencils: 23 packs of 10 and 2 packs of 72

Scissors: 12

Glue sticks: 26

Rubberbands: 10 packages

Folders: 20

composition notebooks: 16

Loose-leaf lined paper: 10 packs

pencil sharpeners: 14

Manuscript tablets: 5

and some colorful learning tools to hang up on walls

Whew! That took a while to type out. The bags are heavy, but we managed to sort so that each of the 4 bags weighs just barely less than then 50 lb limit. We also have some clothes that will be going over, but I haven’t sorted yet and of course, I’ll have to weigh the bags again once they are added.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us to gather these donations or has provided funding. I cannot wait to be able to deliver these to the orphanages on your behalf!



  1. Souns like a lot of stuff! I'm glad to know that it will be so helpful and go straight to the kids. It's hard to find a good cause to contribute to when so much of it goes to 'admin' fee's!

  2. WOW! The children are going to be so happy and grateful upon receiving these great supplies. Bless you and all your friends for doing this for those youngsters.

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