A short break..

I need to take a minute away from packing and hopefully, when I go back to the pile of items that I desperately want to take to Ghana, they will magically all fit into the 2 bags that Delta will allow.

So, my break consisted of reading other adoptive mom’s blogs. One of my favorites is this one. She has such a a way with words and I especially wanted to share her post from today.

We are so excited to be part of this process, but we also understand the sadness that others in the process have had to endure. When you’re pregnant, everyone involved is happy. When you’re adopting, no one is 100% happy. My heart has already been through so much ache during this process as I try to understand what our little(s) have been going through and are going through. I want to be there to give a hug, but I’m just another stranger right now. I pray that God will help our transition and encourage our little(s) to feel safe and loved in our family.



  1. Oh me doodness, I am catching up on your blog and see that you got a referral! You must be out of your mind. Yes, so many emotions swirling around…so many. It's a bitter-sweet journey to love through all of the pain…such beauty. I wish you a wonderful trip and can't wait to hear more! Oh, and happy birthday, too?! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, and how freaking cute are those dresses? Love them!

    Yea–so happy for you!

  3. Hopefully your break worked some magic on that suit case! It is so frustrating that some things have to be so expensive especially when you are trying to help those in need!

    All of us adoptive parents are in the same boat, even if they look like us πŸ™‚ We have close family members that say some of those exact things. American's in general live a shettled life and think that the whole world has the culture that we do in terms of material means and oppurtunities. But I also have to say it is hard on my end as well. I constantly remind myself that Faith doesn't know what she is missing and that her life is still normal even though we met her already. God will take care of her until we get there and it is ME that has the problem and thinks that she is just miserable πŸ™‚ Traveling to an orphanage in any country is a life changing event, no doubt you will come back more inflamed with love to help than even now! Keep us posted, would love to see Tree of Life set up a program here and help more. There are SO many kids to help!!!

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