We’re going to Ghana!

I’m thrilled, yes, but I have to be clear – we will NOT be bringing Coen home on this trip. When I was in Ghana in March, I was told it would be 2-3 months until he came home. Chris was supposed to travel in April to apply for the passport and get his chance to meet Coen. With all the delays, the April trip didn’t happen. So, here we are in June and Chris still has yet to meet our son.

Enough is enough and we are anxious to spend some time with that little man! Especially since we have not been sent a single photo of him this entire time. The only plans we have are to spend time with him and his foster mom and visit some of the great non-profits we’ve heard about to give donations and learn more about how we might be able to help.
I cannot WAIT. We leave July 1st!
To do list:
Mail off Chris’ visa application
Pick up my new malaria meds (we already had Chris’ ready for April)
Get our last will and testament notarized (gloomy thought, I know but we are traveling together and have to think of our boys)
Figure out which organizations we will be visiting and make plans with them
Finalize our accommodations

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  1. Yeah ! I think that is a great idea. Glad to hear you can do this and maybe things will get going again. That little guy needs to come home.

  2. Yipppeeeeee! Maybe you can move things along while you are there 😉 I'm sending you a box today, hopefully you can fit the dresses in with all your other things! It will be good for both of you and good for Kiki to see you again. Just a week after we are home with Miss Faith you will be headed out! Not long now before you get to shower your little guy with hugs!! Praying that the paperwork picks up and you are back there a 3rd time not too far away!

  3. So happy that you get to go and love on your little boy!! Safe travels to you and your husband.

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