This might be the longest that I’ve neglected my blog. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything to write about, on the contrary, we have been moving from one event to the next all while trying to get ready for Keaton’s birthday party (translation: getting our house that is in no way ready – ready). Most likely the biggest reason for me not posting is simply that I’m tired. Oh, so tired. I’m 14 weeks along now and waiting for that burst of energy that comes with the second trimester, but it is taking its time. The big party is this weekend and then life should slow back down. Well, as slow as it gets with preschool starting and the boys’ new soccer league.


So a little catch up for you.


The boys were in two weddings recently. The first was Aunt Kellie’s wedding:

ring bearers tuckinginsuperheroes.com copy

Aside from Coen kind of dragging his sign, they did really well. And, we have to give extra credit to Coen who “tossed his cookies” in the parking lot minutes before show time. For that matter, credit to Carter for standing so close to him. He was still a bit ripe.

Chris and I were also in the wedding which is why you won’t see a photo of Keaton. There was just too much going on that day and the drive home was about 45 minutes making it difficult to get him back and forth for an appearance.

green and charcoal wedding colors

The second wedding was just this past weekend and was Chris’ cousin’s wedding. All three boys were in the wedding and they did GREAT (from what I hear  – I was in the back having sent them down the aisle and then tried to stay out of the way so the bride could make her way without people wonder who the heck that girl was walking in front of her). Keaton could have walked, but it his journey down the aisle would have lasted longer than the wedding itself so, he was pulled in a red radio flyer wagon and smiled the entire time.  Photos coming soon!

I don’t know that anything else has been too exciting. Just busy. Maybe I’ll post a photo soon about the paint job our cement got in the breezeway. Yep. exciting.

I will say this, I’m very excited to take a share photos of Keaton’s party. I’ve been working hard on creating a vintage baseball scoreboard and cannot wait to share it with you! I’ve pretty much decided that we will have a vintage baseball room in this house due to how much work I put into it. If we are having a boy, baseball nursery. Girl? Looks like Keaton’s room will be the first to get decorated!



  1. Oh!!! I LOVE that picture of the boys!!! I hadn’t seen it before!!!! Adorable expressions on their sweet faces!
    Gramma Cupcake

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