We can see the light at the end of the tunnel

Man, this has been one. rough. week.


No. Not, rough like third-world living rough. Rough like, trying to demand respect (with my pregnant belly, holding a 14 month old with 2 preschoolers running through the house) from a male contractor who is treating me like a stupid homemaker. Rough like 3 kids out of their routine and acting out most of the day. Rough like pregnancy hormones flaring making everything seem like a true tragedy. So, yeah. Emotionally rough


I’m finally sitting down to thank everyone who has been so thoughtful this past week. From your texts and calls and emails, to your offers to bring dinner or take the day off work to help with the kids, to inviting our whole crazy family to come stay with you… wow. Thank you. I hope you know that even if we didn’t take you up on an offer, it was so appreciated. Each call, text and email was a moment to remind us to appreciate how blessed we are to have such amazing friends and family.


To shorten this very long post I will tell you that the insurance company is sending us a check and we are coordinating all the repairs ourselves. Already we have made more progress than the original contractor would have and I feel much better. I feel more in control and I feel confident that we will have our playroom back by the end of next week and MAYBE even have the laundry room near completion.


Here’s where we are at:


Ceiling is back in place (there is still no insulation in the attic and the texturing will have to wait until Monday)

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Our guest room… not too inviting, but you’re all welcome.

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The laundry room is looking better! All the drywall work is done we just need to paint, completely reinstall the floor, door trim and baseboards. Even better, we removed the useless cabinets that were there and moved the dryer vent to the same side of the room as the washing machine to open the room up. I might actually stop completely avoiding laundry once we get it dialed back in!

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Our hallway. So glad we put in that new flooring.


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Thanks again to everyone who thought of us this week. Hopefully we only have one week of chaos to go and now that the boys aren’t sick, we can get out of the house and have play dates while some of this is happening.


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