Oh the joys of adoption

So we passed court, AWESOME news! News that can only be tainted by Wells Fargo employees. Since we passed court, it is time to wire over our 2nd payment so that our agent is able to pay for all the rest of the fees from here on out.

We have 2 bank accounts: 1 at Chase and 1 at Wells Fargo.

Chase is closer to our house so, I wanted to go there, BUT Wells Fargo did the last transfer and it went flawlessly so, I figured I would just take in the exact form that they used, they could copy it letter by letter and this transfer would go smoothly as well. So, I drove the extra bit to get to Wells Fargo.

I met with a banker immediate and gave her the form explaining that I needed the EXACT same transfer, but in a different amount. After about 10 minutes she starts asking for a different address to input into her system for Ghana. I explained AGAIN that this is how they did it last time and it worked so could she please copy it EXACTLY as she sees it.

Nope. No can do. She has decided that she needs a physical address on the form and the one we used last time was a P.O.Box.

Even my 2 year-old was getting frustrated now. We left, drove to the other Wells Fargo bank and they copied it exactly and we were out of there in about 15 minutes. Although, they did charge $10 more than last time… By this point I didn’t care.

Why do some people insist on adding to the frustration of an already difficult process? I really don’t think I could have made it any easier on this woman. All I asked her to do was copy a form.

Chase, looks like you are in the lead for my least hated bank now.



  1. We are not Wells Fargo fans either for similar reasons! We switched to a local credit union for our main bank and have another savings at a small local bank. I'm so much happier with them! Although when we try to pull out cash in large amounts for our actual traveling they have a hard time finding some decent money (i.e. not chewed up, written on, dirty ect.) but we had that problem with Wells Fargo too. Typical of banking I guess! Europeans don't care for our dirty US money, they like the newly printed stuff 😉

  2. Congratulations on passing court!!! We are celebrating all the small steps we are making in our process. Can't wait to read what happens after this! Jenni

  3. congrats!!!!!!

  4. Um…well you KNOW MY FEELINGS about Wells Fargo Bank….
    Glad the wire got handled FINALLY though!

  5. Yeah, yeah. Court is over. Re the "bank"…. must be self importance getting in the way. Let's never admit we might be wrong, eh? Glad she's NOT one of our relatives, eh?

  6. Congrats on court! How exciting!!!

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