Next steps

Ok. So I know some of you are wondering “You’ve got the fingerprints, now what?” so, here is what is still ahead:

Our social worker is getting our home study and 6 copies printed by the agency that she contracts with (our agency said we need this many copies). Once done, we’ll get a copy in the mail.

The very same day, I’ll be sending the home study along with other paperwork (our I-600A) to the USCIS. Then, we wait.

Hopefully soon after, we will get a notice from the USCIS giving us a date/time/location for fingerprinting appointments – I know, here we go again! Once we pass the fingerprinting, they will send us our I-171. This is the final piece of paperwork that we need to complete our dossier!!!!!

We then send 2 documents to the secretary of state to be seal. When we get them back about a week later, we send our dossier to a courier in Washington D.C. who will take it to be authenticated by the embassy.

The paperwork is all sent to our agency and we are on THE WAIT LIST!!!!!!!!!

Long, confusing process. Please cross you fingers, toes and pray that we can buzz right through all of this and get on to that wait list!

From there, it should be 3-9 months until we are matched with our child.



  1. Prayers going up for a speedy USCIS process!!!

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