Busy, busy, busy

Sorry for not posting. Things have been a bit hectic around here as I prepare to go to Ghana and Chris prepares for his business trip in Mexico. I’m excited about all the stuff I’m taking to donate to the children and will post some more photos as the remaining items arrive. I was able to get a case of Pedialyte for FREE from Americares and 4 boxes of little dresses and shorts from Little Dresses for Africa. This is a great organization for those of you who love to sew for a good cause.

Thank you for all the concern that has been expressed about my trip. Just remember, I’ve been to far more dangerous places at a far younger age. I’ll be with our adoption agency the entire time and I’ve done so much research I could write my own book about Ghana 🙂

I’m barely sleeping these days. I’m just too excited!



  1. I am SO looking forward to all of the pictures and the follow up posts from your trip!

  2. Hey do you have more room for Little Dresses for Africa. I hae about 7 dresses here ready to go and my MIL has about the same. Let me know and maybe I can meet you half way?

    What is Chris doing for work in Mexico? Sounds interesting. Quite the pair of world travelers you two are!

  3. Wondeful donations. I'll keep sewing the little dresses. They'll be ready for your next trip. Am so excited for you. Can't wait to see the pics when you get back.

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