Free Saturday Activity – Lowe’s Build and Grow

Recently I was looking to get the boys out of the house. Keaton was all of two weeks old and I already had cabin fever. With the hubby swamped at work, I decided it was time to try this “mom-of-three-thing” out in public, but I needed something that was inexpensive in the event that mommy or Keaton couldn’t take the heat and we needed to bolt. Enter Lowe’s!

If you’re like me, you already know that these free kids’ clinics exists, but have never tried one. Sure, I’ve seen the signs posted around when I run in to get a gallon of paint, but I’ve never taken the time to take the boys to one. What a mistake. This class made me the coolest mom for a whole day.

Each boy got to build their own firetruck to take home and when I say “build” I mean build with a real hammer and nails build. They also received their very own safety goggles and apron. These boys were in heaven! Yes, I had to assist. This isn’t one of those drop-your-kid-off-be-back-in-an-hour deals, but it gave us some dedicated time when I could really focus on each boy which was much needed with how much attention their new brother had been getting.

At the end of the class, they received a certificate of completion and a badge that I can iron on to a shirt or backpack for them. They loved the firetrucks and are still playing with them two weeks later. They’re equally excited about the badges. How fun to look forward to earning more badges!

So, if you’re looking for a free activity for kids (and an indoor one at that), I give Lowe’s Build and Grow program two thumbs way up!

Check your local Lowe’s schedule for upcoming events.



  1. Wow! What a great idea. I want to go build something! I wish they had one on welding. Do you think they do?
    Your blog looks great, btw. I linked here through FB The Blog Class. Love, love, love your preciosus little boys and the creative name of your blog. I had a superhero just a few years ago. He turned into a ball player now and is making fun od his little sister going to the supermarket in her princess gown. I said buddy you used to go as Spiderman (and if we didn’t have the mask on hand you’d wear your underwear on your head and look out through the leg holes) so zip it!

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