We’re still here

The home study is pretty much done at this point and we are just waiting on the fingerprints. I called the FBI again this week and was told it’s taking 8-10 weeks. This would be GREAT as we are closing in on the 8 week mark, but the guy last week told me 12 so…. I’m not getting my hopes up.

I also wrote to our senator and asked her to expedite the process for us. She (or someone who works for her) responded and said that they sent in a request on my behalf. Honestly, I think even if they got the request,  they wouldn’t be able to process it. They don’t even have record of us yet which means, our envelope is in a pile somewhere and won’t be “in the system” until the day they process the request.

It’s so disappointing that it is the US government that holds up this process.

That said, we were reminded the other day that while we are going through all of this, our child’s mother is likely already expecting. She and our child need any extra prayers you may have that God watches over and protects them during this difficult time.


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