Update on “Girl, where you been?”

I told you, I’m not just sitting around. Honestly, if you know my boys, you KNOW I’m not just sitting around, but I’m actually doing more than not just sitting around. At some point I’ll give you a full post on this with all the steps, but for now, one picture will have to suffice.

before and after

This is our furnace room. No Typo. We have a room in our home that is just for the furnace, water heater and electric panels. It is smack in the center of our home with a door off the kitchen. Because it is a furnace room, it hasn’t received any love in 40 years. What you see is original 1974 carpet. Jealous? Most people wouldn’t make this room a priority given everything else that needs attention in this house, but my nesting has gotten the best of me. In preparation for #4, I decided to stock up on a ton of essentials to make life easier when he arrives: toilet paper, Clorox wipes, paper towels, etc. but I need a good spot to store them. This furnace room had turned into a dumping ground for tools and cleaning supplies and it felt n-a-s-t-y. 40-year-old carpet, soft (if that exists) lime green walls, and plenty of cobwebs.

It still needs baseboards and Chris is building me an awesome shelving unit from pallets, but oh! It is so clean now with just  coat of white paint and new flooring. Total cost, roughly $120 and some aches and pains from this mama-to-be.

Like I said, more to come.


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