Pumpkin Patch Time of Year

Well hello there! If you’re new to my blog, welcome. If we go way back, thanks for stopping by! Can you believe I’m starting a new blog? Me neither! This blog will be different from our family blog in that it will focus more on crafts, decorating and how I try to survive as a mom of three boys rather than my normal look-how-cute-my-boys-are posts that you might be used to.


All of that said… I’ll start with a little of both.

2/3 of my boys at The Pumpkin Patch

Look how cute my boys are!


Ok. Got that out of the way. I wanted to share about yet another reason I love living in the Portland area. The Pumpkin Patch. This place has everything. Fresh produce that you can even pick yourself, an awesome corn maze, a hay pyramid for the kids to climb, a barn with animals to check out, and a cow train.


We’ve visited this particular farm, which is roughly 45 minutes from our home, for the past 3 years with Carter, but it was a hit with me long before that. In addition to its corn maze, it has a haunted corn maze which was a blast in college (I’m sure it’s a blast now, but not for me).  It’s the epitome of what I like about Portland. We have access to a large city and all it’s urban chic vs. granola hippiness, but we are also surrounded by farms and country. Feel like shopping at Saks? Go ahead. Feel like getting lost in a seven acre corn maze? Ok. No problem. There is just no way to be bored in Portland.

boys in the corn maze



  1. Looks like the little men had a great time!
    Gramma Cupcake

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