Promises promises

Still nothing. I talked to our coordinator yesterday and he was afraid that the office had lost our 2nd application for a birth certificate. The first one, from a month ago.. well, the agent in charge of that one got married and is on her honeymoon. Apparently once it is assigned to an agent, no one else can touch it. Thanks a lot lady.

I got a follow up email yesterday afternoon saying that he was promised (again) that it would be ready Friday. Please use every prayer you have to ask that we receive this birth certificate and are able to apply for Coen’s passport.



  1. We will be praying for you. I know how hard this is…because it took Kofi over 2 months to get our correct one. We will pray and pray today and tonite for some good news Friday.

  2. As you wish, sending the prayers up, asking St. Anthony to find your document for you and to speed up the rest of the process. Remember God will not test us more than we can handle and just when all seems lost and patience runs out God showers His blessings upon us. This seems to be the month for good adoption news, I'm sure your good news will be next!!

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry for this nonsense. Of course you are pissed and weary. Prayers…

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