How to help

The more I learn about Ethiopia, the more I want to find some way to help and to stay connected long after we bring our child home. To that end, I started researching to try to find an organization that Chris and I can commit to rather than sending donations to many different organizations.

I came across Project Mercy, and was impressed by their approach. They are more focused on teaching the  people to fish than just giving them fish. Their organization focuses on all areas of need: education for children, medical care, life skills for adults, and a home for AIDS orphans.

Check them out for yourself. Some of you have expressed an interest in volunteering in Ethiopia. This group appears to have a structured, safe volunteer opportunity that would be worth looking into.



  1. I've been sewing pillow cases dresses which get sent to Africa through I've also been trying to help our adoption agency with their small projects that focus on the orphans or the orphanges themselves. We sent a ton of children's books to Haiti a couple months ago so that they could use them to learn English. The agency you are using might have some things going on as well, just as another idea.

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