Forget the mailbox

I got tired of waiting in the rain so I emailed USCIS. Good news! Apparently we have fingerprint appointments December 22nd! Now we just need the actual notice to arrive in the mail so that we know what time and where.



  1. Happy day! I'll remember the email trick… you are very creative in getting responses ;o) We have to file our I-800 petition for specific child when we get home and once Bulgaria gets that we should get a court date somewhat quickly… praying so hard for it go quick! Poor little miss needs a home so bad.

    USCIS fingerprinting is in downtown Portland, you could probably look up the address on google… its about half way to the zoo or some where about that area. When you get your appointment is it fairly non negotiable and usually inconvenient just for a heads up. Our government tends to be very un-accomidating!

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